New Award Announced

(created 2023-04-03 13:34:11)

JNZ is pleased to announce that the first recipient of a new award - the Jim McPhee Award - has been confirmed by the JNZ Board and awarded to Hayley Gatward (UNI AK).

This new award was announced at the 2022 JNZ AGM. The award was requested by the family of JNZ member Jim McPhee (MNZM) as a celebration of his life in Judo on his 80th birthday last year. The endowment of $50,000 is to enable annual awards of up to $2000 to be provided to successful applicants. These awards are aimed at Junior and Senior competitors for ongoing development with a focus on future Commonwealth and Olympic selection.

This generous award is administered by the McPhee family. The conditions are covered in the JNZ Bylaws and JNZ will call for nominations again later in 2023.

We thank the McPhee Family for their generous support and congratulate Hayley on becoming the first recipient of the award.