Nzl Results On International Stage

(created 2023-03-23 13:30:07)

A huge result for Sydnee Andrews (GIS WB) picking up a Silver Medal at the European Open in Rome.
Sydnee knocked over World #8 Xu from China (who achieved 5th place at the Tokyo Olympics) on her way to the final. 

Great job Sydnee!

In addition to the fanastic result from Sydnee, our other 4 Kiwis also did us proud.

Maarten De Ridder (REN CA) finished with a 5th place in the -81kgs category in Tunis narrowly missing out on the bronze medal.

Noah Wallis (TKJ AK) also had a placing in Tunis finishing up 7th in the -90kgs.

Although unable to pick up a win this time out both Qona Christie (WEL WN) and Kody Andrews (CJA CA) also competed and showed they very much belong on the international circuit.

Picking up any wins on the international circuit does not come easy so we are extremely proud of all our athletes win or lose. Congratulations to all.