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We regret to advise that Brian Cloynes, 8th Dan (REN CA) passed away on July 5th aged 83. Brian was awarded Life Membership of New Zealand Judo Federation (JNZ) in 1998.

Brian will be sadly missed by his wife Sue and family including their daughter Sam, grandson Jack and also Brian’s many judo colleagues & friends.

Brian started Judo in England and represented the British Judo Council (BJC) in international competition, captaining the team 3 times. During this time he won the BJC middleweight title 5 times.

Whilst in the UK, Brian founded the Toyakwai Judo Club and coached there until coming to NZ in 1974 where he founded the Renshuden Judo Club the same year.

Before coming to New Zealand he was graded to 1st Dan in 1958, 2nd Dan in 1962, 3rd Dan in 1965 and 4th Dan in 1970. Brian was graded to 5th Dan in 1979, 6th Dan in 1984 & 7th Dan in 1995.

In 1975 he became a JNZ national coach’ and was the Manager/Coach for the 1984 Loss Angeles Olympic Team.

Brian was an active referee though out his Judo career and gained his IJF A Licence in 1983. His international refereeing career included a number of Oceania Championships, interna-tional opens in Italy & Hong Kong and the Senior Worlds in Japan.

Brian was proficient in Kodokan Katas and taught and assessed them for decades. He was JNZ’s National Technical Director for approximately 10 years and retired from this role in 1999. During this time he was a member of all the Technical Commissions and coached at training camps, courses & seminars and was a panel member for many Dan gradings.

Over his illustrious Judo career, he was fortunate to have had the opportunities to study under internationally recognised coaches such as Kenshiro Abe (Japan), George Kerr (Scotland), Angelo Parisi (France), and Takeuchi & Inokuma (Japan).

Brian was always happy to pass on his knowledge and coached and mentored many judoka.

In recognition of his outstanding technical contribution to Judo NZ, Brian was awarded with a Lifetime award of grade of 8th Dan in 2006 at JNZ’s 50th Anniversary Celebrations and last year he received his IJF 8th Dan.

Our condolences to Sue, Sam & Jack and family & friends

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A private farewell has been held. Messages to 3 Coronga Lane, RD2, Mosgiel 9092.