Obituary Robin Louis (Lou) Bourdot

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We regret to advise that Lou Bourdot passed away on July 25th aged 88. He will be sadly missed by his wife Joyce (JNZ Honorary Member), his family and also his many judo colleagues & friends.

He was always known as Lou in judo circles but as Robin elsewhere.

Lou became a Honorary Officer of Judo NZ in 2004. This award was a testament to his long service to Judo NZ and judo in general. This included being a member and Convenor of the JNZ Referees Commission for many years.

He was one of the referees selected to officiate at the 1990 Commonwealth Games held in Auckland. Subsequently Lou was awarded his IJF B Referees Licence 1998.

Lou originally stated Judo over 50 years ago and gained his 1st Kyu in 1976 and 1st Dan in 1978. Over the following years he gained further promotions to 2nd Dan in 1986, 3rd Dan in 1991, 4th Dan in 1999 and finally a Lifetime Award of 5th Dan in 2011 in recognition of his significant contribu- tion to Judo.

Around the 1980’s Lou was one of the instructors at the Birkenhead J C along with Bob & Claire Hughes, John Gosney & Harry Brazier.

Lou was also a foundation member and instructor at Rendokan, Titirangi along with Ray Roberts & Richard van Kuyk.

At the 1994 Worlds Masters Games in Brisbane, Lou won a bronze medal in the Kime-no-kata competition and Ray Roberts was his Uke.

During his long service to Judo Lou was active at club, area and national level.

In later years he also took up Tai Chi.

Lou also had a good sense of humour and at one national coaching training & education weekend held in Pakuranga, he produced a bottle of Chivas Regal whiskey for the Saturday evening “debriefing” session. A number of those present commented on how nice the Chivas Regal was and in particular, how superior it was to cheaper brands. However, they were subsequently gobsmacked to find out that it wasn’t a fine Chivas Regal at all but that Lou’s son Grant was in fact the distiller responsible for the excellent tipple.

Service Details:
Garden Chapel, Morrison’s Funeral Home, 220 Universal Drive, Henderson on Wednesday, August 2nd at 2pm.

In lieu of flowers please consider donating to Alzheimers New Zealand.