The reasons why people do Judo are as varied as the many benefits obtained by doing Judo!

Judo can be a life-long activity, done socially, for recreation, fitness, or competitively at levels appropriate to your age, size, and ability.

The whole family can be involved, and it tends to become a generationally shared experience!

In addition to meeting new people and learning new skills, Judo is;

  • fun!
  • safe (no striking, and learning to fall safely is a core skill)
  • for everyone (it is scalable to all ages, shapes, sizes, and ability levels)
  • ideal for developing “physical literacy” (learning fundamental, functional movement skills)
  • social (you can’t learn Judo by yourself!)
  • an effective way to improve “whole body” fitness
  • a great method of “cross-training”
  • a means to develop self-confidence and self-esteem
  • life long learning and progress
  • a means of developing mutual welfare and benefit
  • practiced world-wide
  • supported and regulated at a national and international level