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Olympic Games Judo Draw

(2021-09-08 10:19:12)
The IJF has provided the following link to the draws for the Olympic Judo categories.

Olympic Games Judo Draw image

Howick Academy of Judo Fun Day

(2021-08-28 14:26:23)
Howick Academy of Judo are hosting a Fun-day event on29 August at their dojo at the Howick Leisure Center.
Any entries and enquiries to the club (contact details can be found in the "Contact Us" section of the JNZ website).

Howick Academy of Judo Fun Day image

Obituary - Brian Cloynes

(2021-09-23 14:30:05)
We regret to advise that Brian Cloynes, 8th Dan (REN CA) passed away on July 5th aged 83. Brian was awarded Life Membership of New Zealand Judo Federation (JNZ) in 1998.
Brian will be sadly missed by his wife Sue and family including their daughter Sam, grandson Jack and also Brian’s many judo colleagues & friends.
Brian started Judo in England and represented the British Judo Council (BJC) in international competition, captaining the team 3 times. During this time he won the BJC middleweight title 5 times.
Whilst in the UK, Brian founded the Toyakwai Judo Club and coached there until coming to NZ
Obituary - Brian Cloynes image

AK Area Host DFSNZ Seminar

(2021-07-19 12:08:02)
AK Area recently hosted a seminar provided by Drug Free Sport NZ to provide members with the current rules and requirements.
Thanks to Tracey from DFSNZ.

AK Area Host DFSNZ Seminar image

Welcome Back Dannevirke Judo Club

(2021-07-12 15:11:36)
JNZ is pleased to welcome back Dannevirke Judo Club (DJC NW) under the management of Lisa and Jonathon Boblea.
We wish them all the best for a successful re-launch.

Welcome Back Dannevirke Judo Club image

Changes To JNZ Coaching Qualification Requirements

(2021-07-22 09:25:42)
Changes since the JNZ Coaching Qualification framework was introduced in 2012 have resulted in the decision to remove the Technical Skills and Kata Training Seminars as requirements for completion of the Level 1 and Level 2 Coaching Qualifications.
The grading standards for the technical components have been available in the JNZ Members area of the website for a number of years, and these supersede the requirement for them to be demonstrated to club coaches as a component for coaching qualifications.
Areas and clubs may continue to organise technical development programs as and if required.
The updated requirements are attached.

Changes To JNZ Coaching Qualification Requirements image

WB Area Coaching Course

(2021-05-26 14:27:21)
WB Area recently hosted a Level 1 Assistant Club Coach workshop in Rotorua.
28 enthusiastic club coaches attended the full-on one day course.
Thanks to WB Area and Budokan for hosting the event.

WB Area Coaching Course image

2022 Police And Emergency Services Games

(2021-06-21 17:34:49)
The 2022 Police and Emergency Services Games are scheduled to be held in Rotorua in March 2022.
This event will be open to registered JNZ members who are active, retired, or volunteer emergency service staff (including Police, Ambulance, Customs, Fire, Corrections, Defence, Primary Industries, Life Saving, Coast Guard, Aviation Security, Conservation, Search & Rescue, nurses.
Additional information is attached.

2022 Police And Emergency Services Games image

Obituary - Patrick Toner

(2021-03-23 14:59:48)
It is with the greatest sadness that JNZ announces the passing of Patrick James Toner, JNZ & Kodokan Shichidan.
Pat was awarded his JNZ Lifetime Award of Grade in 2008 and Life Membership of JNZ in 2009.
The thoughts of all of the members at Wellington Judo Academy and the extended martial arts community are with Patrick’s wife of thirty years, Carol and his daughters Patricia, Maureen, Maria and Victoria and their families as well as his siblings and extended family in the UK.
JNZ also extends its condolences.
More about Pat's life andextensive martial background can be found in the attachment.

Obituary - Patrick Toner image

New Club In Auckland Area

(2021-05-06 09:23:43)
JNZ are pleased to welcome a new club to the Auckland Area.
Three Kings Judo Club (TKJ AK) has been opened by Linda and Judd Hallas.
We wish them all the success with the club.

 New Club In Auckland Area image